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Board of Directors

Seth Meltzer


Mr. Meltzer has served as a member of our Board since October 2000. Mr. Meltzer has worked for the Seligman Group, a family owned real estate and investment company, as its President since 2001. Mr. Meltzer worked for various subsidiaries of the Seligman Group from 1991 to 1998. Mr. Meltzer interned at Sterling Bank and Trust, F.S.B. from 1993 until 1997. In 1998, Mr. Meltzer began work for Seligman & Associates, Inc. as its Vice President until his promotion to President. Mr. Meltzer led the Bank's initial development of online banking from 1998-2001. He has since ran the Seligman Group's management affiliate (Seligman Western Enterprises, Ltd.) from 2005 to date. Mr. Meltzer is a director of the Seligman Family Office and President/CEO of the Seligman Group. He is a director of both the Company and the Seligman Group. He has a BS in Finance from the University of Arizona.